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Applisted business shares are sold as NFT digital contracts. Only 100,000 digital contracts have been minted on the blockchain. Only 50,000 shares have been issued to the general public, and are trading at only $2 per share. The most dangerous part of oit, is that, there\s no limit to how many shares a single person can buy.


There are 2 ways to buy Applisted business shares. You can either buy them directly from BC BANK or from other shareholders. At any given moment, whoever owns the Applisted NFT in their wallet is the legitimate shareholders.


To create a wallet, go to the Applisted NFT and opt to buy it. you will see a list of available compatible wallets. Select from one of them and complete the signup process. To cashout you earnings, you can use one of these exchange paltforms: WYRE or COINBASE

What is the Applisted NFT ?

The Applisted NFT serves as a shareholder certificate of business ownership. The NFT has a total of 100000 minted NFTs on the Blockchain. Each NFT gives the owner a share of the 25% profits from 5 app; CASH CHAT BANK, EUROSELL, TAK APP, PEPRAH SHOP and BC BANK. Starting from the time the first share is bought, earning records of all the apps are displayed on the Chat wall in the CASH CHAT BANK App. 25% of all profits are then shared among all Applisted NFT. This digital contract is now launched to the blockchain in full assurance of compliancy from the asset creator to all terms started.

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By Tikta

BC Bank is a fun packed gaming social media place. My role as the webmaster is to ensure that everyone is enjoying while on the site. I started designed this first for members of the bold cashers community that was launched in 2016. Later in 2018 cash chat was added to the community. This empowered all members to build individual brands being backed by full access to a strong fintec companny. Now you can both earn money on this platform and also spend some here to have fan.

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