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Cash Chat

The Cash Chat mobile application has Boldcachers wallet in the chat that enables users to transfer money to their Airtel and MTN mobile money accounts. Then from their wallet to other user’s wallet anywhere in the world. Carrying out airtime top-up, withdraw money, pay bills make savings, share sponsored ads to all users and chat with friends in groups of up to 1,000 members instantly.

How does it work

What normally happens is, if let’s say you have a Facebook account right, and you always post to people. The followers who come to view you, and what you’re doing or what is the new content you have posted, so it is the same in Cash Chat. We have of course our status and the timeline where you can post your memes every day but normally we have advertisers who target that content.

Those who have used social media, you already see a sponsored ad. It passes through your timeline but you never earn from it. Someone some where is targeting your content, and is taking advantage of the followers that you have. So it’s the same thing that we want to do and we have done it. When you post let’s say your meme, we get what kind of meme it is. Whether it is about social or about finance. So we target it according to the advertiser need, and then we pass an advert in it.

So when people in your contact want to view it, as when they go to view it. They will find an ad or it will pop-up, so once it comes, it would have made an impression to these people. So basically it’s like a hot spot for you to earn money. So the more the followers you have or the more the viewership you have, the more you’re likely to earn from the poster you make.

Current Reach

Every day already over 20,000 users in Uganda and over 500,000 global users are accessing and using the financial technology to do business and interact with the compisers. Cash which is for financial technology, and analyse chat which is for social media.

Pay activation fee

Activate your wallet directly from anywhere you are by using your Debit/credit, Google pay, Apple pay, Amazon Pay or Paypal. Add the sponsor code of the wallet you want to activate in the space provided.

Recharge your wallet using a paypal account. Fill in your paypal email address and enter the sponsor code of the wallet you want to recharge. Select the paypal option and comfirm the transaction. 

buy equity in cash chat limited

Cash Chat Limited offered an opportunity to the public, to possess a share in the company. 70 thousands Equity tickets representing a stake of 7% in the company were issued at €30 excluding tax.  


Speak Freely


With voice calls, you can talk to your friends and family for free*, even if they’re in another country. And with free* video calls, you can have face-to-face conversations for when voice or text just isn’t enough. CashChat voice and
video calls use your phone’s Internet connection, instead of your cell plan’s voice minutes, so you don’t have to worry about expensive calling charges.


Cash Chat Products & Services

Digital Wallet

CashChat has wallet which can help the users make easy payments anywhere in the sub Saharan region, this has also been scaled for business payments to receive payments via Business API for payments and collections.

Digital Advertising:

CashChat is the only digital advertising platform that serves digital Adverts across East African region in form of Text,

Ad Banners, and Interactive video. CashChat connects you to more engaging audience to grow any business for customer retention, new business sales and sales growth. Business make their budgets and target content on the status for engagement.

E-Learning and Distance learning

CashChat has managed to scale eLearning live video streaming which can help schools, universities to teach and exchange live video with students while learning anywhere using the mobile app at a free cost.


Video calls & Voice Calls

CashChat has also succeed and eased the way wecommunicate with our friends and family, any person using cash chat can make unlimited video and Voice calls in HD format.

Unlimited group chats and Personal private messaging

CashChat has also empowered all those who it for easy communication in personal chats at free cost.


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Simple, Reliable Messaging

Message your friends and family for free*. CashChat uses your phone’s Internet connection to send messages so you can avoid SMS fees.

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